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Szandi: 13 kg weight loss in 3 months

Hi! I'm Szandi. In my lifetime I was a maniacal dieter, I tried everything from booby to wonders. They just made a difference, and then I felt so unbearable that I gave up and started turning to kidding in my desperation, and I managed to get 80 kilograms, and there was something I could not look like a 25-year-old. As a New Year's vow, I've put it to you if it breaks when I break I'll lose weight. On January 4th I made it into the diet. I started by having my breakfast cut off and the coffee. Instead, I ate oatmeal with bananas and chia seeds. Then I put my lunch portion down to the previous half. And I just drank a protein shake for dinner. In addition, 2-3 liters of water per day. In the first month I was terribly suffering. Then my body changed to this mode. I raised a weeklong 2x1 hour intensive body shaping aerobics and tracked my calorie intake on CalorieBase, which I set at 1200. :) Well, now I'm going to be 67 kg, and I'm going to get the 65 kg. But imagine I set a new goal, the magic 60, or 167 cm. Now I've been 5x athletes a week, 1200 calories with smaller or bigger criminals, but I keep it. Thank you very much CalorieBase :).
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