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Camylla: 21 kg weight loss in 7 months

Hi! I'm Camilla, a 23-year-old college graduate. In my lifetime I was overweight, with my height of 170 cm I had 110 kilos. Most I measured was 111 pounds, but unfortunately I was more than that, but I did not dare to balance. The cause of my overweight was the worst nutrition, the lack of exercise, and the so-called "unhealthy eating".
I always knew I was overweight, because my environment did not forget to remind him, I took it in a million diets, I did it with me, but I did not get any more than 1-2 kilos of weight loss. I once had a 90-day diet with 6 pounds, all in two months. As soon as I left, 12 kg came back. I was very upset and although I did not have the strength to start another sluggish diet, I paid attention to the amount of food I had eaten. Only in that way, in a year (in 2011), I put 7 kilos. This weight loss, however, was not spectacular, I think I was still over a quarter of it.
On November 5, last year, the glass was finally filled. The criticisms of my family, though not intended to hurt me, I was caught up by the terrified gaze of the people on the bus, so as not to ask them about their free space, they made me to say good-bye to my pounds. I remembered spending 7 pounds a year ago, which did not come back, just by eating a little less of the same amount of food I had been eating. I was thinking of following this trail to make my calorie counting. I did not read this method, did not look at forums, just used the google search and the first page that was thrown away under "calorie counting" was I did not mind, I immediately registered and set myself 1 kg of weight per week, which allowed 1300 kcal daily consumption.
My weight proceeded as follows:
2012.nov. 5 -> 103 kg
2012.nov. 28 -> 99.6 kg
2012. dec. 13 ---> 97 kg
2013.jan. 09 ---> 96.3 kg
2013.jan. 22 ---> 92,60 kg
March 2013 08 -> 91,40 kg
March 2013 18 -> 89.7 kg
2013.ápr. 18 -> 89 kg

I did nothing but respect the calorie limit and pay attention to the protein / carbohydrate / fat composition. When I reached 88 pounds, I ran every day as I could. I've eaten a lot of vegetables as salad or steamed, minimum carbohydrate, I have given up on the pastry and bread, instead of making sugar instead of sugar.

May-July 2013: I did a hard physical job, so I could not pay attention. I ate what I was doing, so I kept my weight, I did not lose a decade, but I did not lose it.
On September 19, I started kicking off the school and calorie counting again with 86.3 pounds. Every night I took 30-40 minutes of movement.
09/26/2013 -> 84,2kg
07/10/2013 -> 82,6kg
21/10/2013 -> 81,1kg
29/10/2013 -> 79,1kg
15/11/2013 -> 78,9kg
24/11/2013 -> 77,4kg
29/11/2013 -> 77,0kg

Currently I'm 76,7 kg of 111. According to BMI, I am still overweight, I feel that I have plenty to do but I feel much better in my skin.

I lost a total of 34.3 kilograms. He has never had a single diet either. I'm not saying that two or three pounds did not come up in the holidays, but as soon as I got cold I gave up those extra pounds so quickly. If I have a goal for New Year's Eve and I can lose weight to 75 pounds, I only have 15 pounds of weight. And do you know what? I can not wait! ;)

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